Welcome to the Sydney Super Sprint Series

The Sydney Super Sprint Series is a series set up by car guys to provide night-time recreational motorsport events at Sydney Motorsport Park in a safe controlled environment.

Sprint Events are all about having fun with your car and your mates whilst actually driving your car as quick as you like. The results are based on the fastest single lap you can drive during the event and we have designed this event to give you as much track time as possible.

Groups will be arranged so that similarly paced cars will be on the circuit at the same time to minimise the chance of accidents while passing other vehicles. We strictly limit the numbers to ensure you get great value for money as an entrant.

Sydney Track Map

Utilising the Druitt (North) Circuit, you will be running the 2.8km lap created via the addition of a link road between turns 4 & 15 on the northern half of the Grand Prix circuit.

Upcoming Events

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